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A Civilian Look into Northern Health's Provision of Health Care Services.

Present Issues


When Hospitals Kill Chapter 2

Back in 2021, an issue was raised regarding the Emergency Department being open but lacking the staff to make it operational. Those seeking emergency services were left to wait for long periods for ER services to become available. No one was told that the E.R. wasn't operational.  Making matters worse given the long wait times there was no hydration or food available undermining people's health in some cases.

Weeks later a Kamloops woman would die waiting for ER services in Kamloops.

Fraud in a failed provision of services.

Breach of Trust, people go to the hospital to have their health care concerns looked after not to have their health care undermined.  The Health Authority's failure to inform people the ER was not functional left their health care in limbo.  If people had known they could have traveled to other areas to get health services.

One of the key pillars of Medical malpractice is a delayed diagnosis if the shoe fits.

BV District Hospitals Complaints Process

Questions are being raised about BV District Hospital's complaints process or lack thereof. More to come...

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